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Jewish Jewelry

A beautiful way to express your faith is through both traditional and modern pieces of jewelry. Select from one of World of Judaica’s stunning necklaces, or personalize a piece with something from our IDF collection. Whatever the occasion we’ve got a beautiful piece of jewelry waiting for you.

Necklaces & Pendants

Check out our beautiful selection of diamond and gold necklaces and pendants. Express yourself in style with one of our stunning pieces.

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Hebrew Name Jewelry

Want to customize your own piece of fancy Hebrew name jewelry? Check out our options of beautiful name necklaces! From gold to silver, from Hebrew to English, we've got the perfect name necklaces for everybody!

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Kabbalah Jewelry

Discover a great selection of Kabbalah Jewlery, including exceptional Hamsa hands.

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Choshen Jewelry is a beautiful gift for anyone; find the perfect piece from our great collection.

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IDF Jewelry

Unique and modern IDF jewelry is available in many different options, including a one of a kind dog tag necklace.

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Bar Mitzvah

The perfect way to commemorate and celebrate a bar mitzvah is through the timeless gift of jewelry. Find the perfect piece for your not so little man at World of Judaica.

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Bat Mitzvah

A beautiful day deserves a beautifully crafted piece of jewelry. Help her to celebrate and remember the day she officially became a young women with a lovely selection from our Bat Mitzvah collection.

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Jewish Jewelry

One of the most popular ways for Jews across the globe to connect with, and show off their heritage is by wearing Jewish jewelry, of which there are incalculable types. These include, for example, classics that never go out of style such as Hamsa Jewelry, Chai and Star of David necklaces.

As of late, Jewish Jewelry designers have pushed their creativity to new limits, crafting Jewish charms “with a twist,” such as gold Star of David mezuzah pendant (a combination of two highly Jewish-associated symbols). Naturally, Jewish jewelry makes for exceptionally popular birthday and bat mitzvah gifts.

Perhaps the symbol most associated with Judaism is the Star of David. There are many explanations behind the meaning of this esoteric emblem. One explanation, for example, asserts that it was engraved on King David’s warrior’s shields. In Judaica, the Star of David is used for Jewelry, wall-hangings, key chains, and more. Interestingly, it is one of the few pieces of Jewish jewelry worn by both men and women.

Hamsa, Arabic for the number five, is one of the oldest religious symbols. Also called “Hand of Miriam” or “Hamsa Hand,” this talisman is popular especially amongthose who seek protective charms. There are Hamsa pendants, Hamsa earrings, Hamsa bracelets and even rings! Due to the Hamsa‘s believed protecting qualities, many people use it not just for Jewelry-purposes but also as a wall-hanging, in order to protect their homes. Oftentimes they will have Biblical passages written on the Hamsas, perhaps for further protection. This amulet is extremely pervasive and is also popular among many non-Jews.

One of the most up-to-the-minute trends in Jewish jewelry is the greenish-blue Eilat stone, also known as King Solomon stone. It is Israel’s national stone and is used to produce multifarious kinds of jewelry, notably in its rough form.

Jewish jewelry is yet another example indicating the increasing popularity and awareness of Judaism. It is a unique way both to adorn your body and take pride in your religion and its marvelous history.