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Información de la Piedra

This alluring ring stands out with its bold granite stone, surrounded by detailed and patterns. The ring is embossed with a bedtime prayer of the angels.

Tipo de Piedra Granite

Ring with Angel Prayer & Granite Gemstone

This unique pendant has strong spiritual significance with the Angel bedtime prayer inscription around the turquoise stone in the center. The prayer reads "In the Name of Adonai the G-d of Israel: May the angel Michael be at my right, the angel Gabriel be at my left, in front of me the angel Uriel, behind me the angel Raphael and above my head the Shekinah (Divine Presence)". This prayer is seen as one of protection as the angels are said to guard and look after us. Granite stands for the tribe of Yehuda which encourages motivation, bravery and energy, neutralizes the fears of timidity and negative feelings and attracts success and abundance.

This will make a lovely gift on any occasion.